Dieter Bruhns

Artist (Germany)
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Dieter Bruhns, who once was an art and mathematics teacher, is now dedicating his time to create digital artworks with a special focus on digital collages.
For more than 10 years Bruhns created traditional analogue artworks like sculptures, assemblages and collages with pieces of ceramic or other fragments. With the start of the digital age he captured a new way of making art. Dieter Bruhns developed his kind of 'brain focused' art production:  digital collage.
Bruhns' intention cannot be shown by two or three pictures, he has an outstanding variety and produces up to five hundred pictures a year. His motivation to put so much effort into his art is mainly the entertaining  of his audience and teaching by art practicing. He wants to "put a smile on viewer's face“. Dieter Bruhns enjoys "playing in a very special room: it's dimensions are colors, light, shadow, structures, lines, form playing, cubes, 3D...“. Bruhns is inspired by jazz and classical music and the historical field of fine arts. The inspiration by music is attending his working process at the computer while "fine arts can be a fund to solve problems of forming images".
Moreover mother nature animates his fantasy. So it is no wonder that birds are an element that echoes in Dieter Bruhns' art, he states that "Birds are a playful expression of evolution“.