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Artist (Greece)
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Dimitra Viveli is based in Athens, Greece. She defines her work as "art of deployed consciousness", a term employed to make reference to the human activity of immersing in art, philosophy, science, and whatever makes part of one's everyday life with the intent of consciously creating functional meaning and taking responsibility for one's personal and social experience. As an active interlocutor in this open dialogue, art explores the semiotics and hermeneutics of a reality that is equally physical and imperceptible and seeks the unified code behind the manifestation of things. Colours, shapes, and materials have an essential, semantic role, which is partly instinctive/expressive and partly disciplined, serving a philosophical purpose.
The dynamics of the unseen and the blending of boundaries between art and other areas of human activity are essential to Dimitra's work. To her, life is not a collection of activity fragments and closed discipline networks - rather, it is an active continuum, in which various densities of existence, ranging from soul to matter, seize the opportunity to interact and produce common results, which are shaped by an uninterrupted array of choices.
Dimitra was born in Athens in 1973. She studied at the School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, from which she graduated in 1997 with a BA Hons in Greek and English Language, Literature, and Linguistics. She studied the Italian language and literature following the programme of the University of Perugia (Università per Stranieri). In 1999, she obtained her master's degree in Art and Design (MA in Design for Interactive Media) from the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University of London. From 2007 to 2010 she pursued studies in fashion design in Athens (she graduated with honors from AKTO, Art and Design College) and London (a series of specialised, short-term educational programmes at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design), as well as visual art, at independent art studios. She attended seminars and participated in workshops on performing arts, focusing mainly on physical theatre and varied approaches to dance and performance. Since 2005, she has been systematically involved in research work regarding the impact of colours and shapes in the human psychology and health and their value in the process of self-discovery and identity construction.

Dimitra has worked in the areas of education, media, art, and business in Athens and London. As an artist, she has exhibited in Athens and Syros, Greece, as well as in London, UK. She has been selected as one of the winners of the 11th Contest on Artavita (International Contemporary Masters) among 415 participants. In 2010 she founded 'to dodeka', a philosophy and art lab in Lycabettus, Athens. As a practising artist, she daily employees art as a means of researching the systematicity of existence and managing the responsibility of increasing the options that experienced reality can accommodate.