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Good day to everyone, my name is Clara, I am from France and I have come to the United States in order to receive a quality education. I want to become a lawyer and I am doing my best in order to live up to expectations of my parents and my local community. There are not so many people capable of solving legal disputes in my country and I am determined to change the situation for the better.

During firsts years of study I was facing serious problems with the English language. It was a little bit complicated to live in a new surrounding and speak a new language but I have overcome these problems with time. However, the level of my academic writing in English still lives much to be desired. Do not get me wrong – I am a diligent student and I am working hard in order to become a true professional of the law sphere but writing essays on various topics is something I cannot do properly. I receive superb grades for oral tasks as I have a retentive memory but my English writing is poor. This sad fact was bothering me a lot. I must be better than other students as I am not a native citizen of the US. But how could I be better than others if my academic writing skills are below the average level?

The solution was offered by a roommate of a close friend of mine who has recommended using Assignment Help. He said it is a leading company of that sphere and it is the one to be trusted. I was so desperate that I saw no other way out rather than using a custom writing service. Although at the beginning I was a little bit hesitating about such a venture and thought of it as of a cheating but then I have change my mind. I guess you want to know why?

The fact is that apart from actual writing of different custom research papers, "write my research paper" company offers such services as editing, proofreading and a sort of examples for students of how a really quality academic work must be written. At first I was ordering whole pieces and submitted them to supervisors. They were pleased and I got excellent grades. But I was studying as well! I read all works I received and learned how professional writers implement their skills. I compared different works, covered free samples at our service, looked through useful writing tips issued by native speakers and improved skills of my own. That was a pretty hard thing to do but this is actually how I am used to have things done!

Now I just submit all essays written on my own for a revision by writers from us. I trust their opinion and even they have noticed that my English writing skills improve from essay to essay. They say that soon I won’t need their provision at all but I do not think this is to happen in the nearest future. I need to be the best and without their professional help I won’t succeed!

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