Carmen Giraldez

Artist (Spain)
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The human being is the center of my work, and although at times I make
incursions into other areas, I always return to painting human beings.
Essentially, what has fascinated me for many years about men and women
are their passions, all those imperfections and virtues that
characterize them and make them as beautiful as they are fearsome.
Often all the passions are contained in one person.
The virtues of people frequently attract us though it is their defects,
of course, that make them really striking. On the other hand, it is the
union of both, and particularly at their extremes – great virtues and
great defects – that make people intense. Feelings that range from
innocence to perversion are a marvellous subject to be studied from the
point of view of aesthetics. Thus, far from falling into moralizing and
sentimentality, I look hard into the deepest characteristics that a
person develops over the course of his or her life, characteristics that
I have been finding all around me. I aim to reflect these in a
symbolic and psychological way, though in a form which is sometimes
I am not especially concerned that the viewer comes to understand all
the content of each painting; mystery has to be part of the piece.
Moreover, the different layers of meaning that enrich it may be better
understood with the passage of time. Perhaps they actually introduce
the viewer to a second or third look.
Even so one musn’t forget that a picture is, above all, an aesthetic
work and as such it must operate. Therefore if it fills the spirit of
the observer with sensations but doesn’t fill his or her mind with
meanings, for me that is sufficient. A good piece of art doesn’t need
an explanation in words, it explains itself. The important thing is
that upon seeing it, the viewer experiences an intensity of feelings
and can take home something that will last and reveal even more of
itself over time.