Beniamino Ciancia

Artist (Italy)
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Beniamino Ciancia was born in Chivasso on June 23rd, 1974.
Ciancia’s artistic talents were revealed when he was still a young child when he portraited his school fellows and drawing on his grandfather’s cellar floor with chalk.

Extrapolation of the Material
After many years of research and several attempts, Ciancia made his first piece on wooden panel using a special technique that he had conceived and for which he now holds a patent.
The technique developed by Ciancia is very complex and requires many hours of hard work to realize a single piece (eg to realize "Torino" he needed over 200 hours).
The preparation of the table starts with sanding, preparing with the drafting of color mixed with Aleppo soap dissolved in a water bath at a temperature of 60 degrees, and several dives. Each dive creates bumps up to saturation, that will be remove one by one. At this stage, Ciancia starts the drawing working wet on wet with diving using acrylic colors and / or lime and finally protecting with multiple layers of soap. From here comes the name Extrapolation of the Material, namely the idea that the image is trapped in the table and with this process he can bring it out clearly between the wood fibers keeping separate the colors of the table with the image.
This technique has been of great interest especially in academic environments.