Avinash Manekar

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Avinash Manekar a young Painter hailing from Vidarbha qualified as G. D. Arts (in fine art) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya at Pune - and settles in Nasik – on the pleasant & naturally rich banks gifted by Holy Godavari River.

With the help of varied mediums such as pencil, charcoal, oil pestles, water colours, oil colours & acrylic he developed his own style. Not contented with reducing two dimensional art through depictions of nature, persons, creative art on paper & print making & also attracted to sculpture he hard worked to produce the three dimensional artistic works. The sculptures of "Mother & Child", "Swami Samartha" are of special mention.

The nature has many mystics inherent in it. The mission of an Artist is to astonish the viewers by demystifying them through his art. Artist can see what the Sun cannot! The viewer of natural paintings should come to realize the timing of the scene by merely viewing the painting. The minuteness of natural scenery should be painted in exact colours hue using full medium of paints. With this ambition he practiced painting a similar spot in various mediums at different timings.

The satisfaction & solace a person realizes beneath the tree shadow in today’s fast & uncertain life should be felt by the viewers of the paintings is all what an artist desires. To create the paintings with deep insight & hue as would be realized & enjoyed by the viewers an artist must aim. Eyes are mirror of mind which certainly reflects the personality of a person. Expressing the feelings in the eyes carries special importance. To see & realize beyond what physical eyes see need no eyes. As one need eyes to see but misunderstands it as truth. But the truth is always different which we can see not by naked eyes but by intuition. He strived to achieve the skill to express the feelings of eyes on piece of paper.

The Lord Gautam Buddha with eyes closed reaches one in the spiritual atmosphere where the eyes do not matter as such but open the insight of the viewers. In the paintings the eyes find no relevance but the viewers have to see beyond that. To realize & experience by eyes through the medium of colours & body language is more delightful than to feel sorry seeing by eyes the emotions in the eyes. The emotions in the eyes affect deeply & definitely but if the emotions of eyes expressed through varied colour mix in a painting then the painting gives solace even to wounded mind. The Lord Gautam with fully / half closed eyes or even without eyes make realize much more & relieves one off the tress. It happens as easily as the Lord Mahavir on spiritual realization forgot to pay attention to the loosening loin cloths.
An artist should not be complacent after creating some paintings but should always strive hard seriously to create more. He should concentrate on what he creates i.e. quality than how much is created i.e. quantity & endeavour that each creativity is live. The artist has had the opportunity & guidance of persons with this vision. And his paintings finding a space in Switzerland & London in his student hood increased his self confidence. All this enlightened him to travel in the world of art with distinct style of his own. Drama Series is this kind of creativity based on All the world is a Stage & Whole Life is a Drama. All We are Actors in it. It is an unending drama as also the art has no end”.