What Privileges do I unlock on each Status?

You can see the Status ladder on your Dashboard (Click here to find your Dashboard).

Art Lover (entry level)

Art Lovers can contribute with rating (more than 5*) and tagging any painting, drawing and illustration on USEUM. To see all the things you can do, which are not just contribution-related, read What can I do as an Art Lover?

Junior Contributor (100+ points)

Once you reach the Junior Contributor level, you earn the following privilledges:

  • Add paintings to the USEUM Exhibition. Read How can I add artworks?
  • Give any rating (negative or positive) to any painting, drawing and illustration on USEUM.

Senior Contributor (200+ points)

Senior Contributors not only have the rights to enrich USEUM's exhibition, but they also are responsible to assist and give feedback to new contributors. In addition to the Junior Contributor's rights, Senior Contributors can:

  • Give feedback to other contributors. As a Senior Contributor in all artwork pages a new option will appear as shown below. By clicking "Send Direct Message" you can communicate with the person that added this artwork and give them guidance, encouraging him or her for example to add more tags, or use a larger image etc.

Conservator (1000+ points)

When you gather 1000 points your status is automatically upgraded to Conservator. At that stage you are in direct communication with the USEUM Team and you will potentially be given special permission packages to moderate more effectively the community of contributors.

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