What can I do as an Art Lover?

There are lots of things you can do, once you join as an Art Lover! Have a look:

Explore Art of your Taste

Browse thousands of paintings, drawings and illustrations through our stream of trending artworks, our menu at the top, or by using our predictive Search.

Once you click on an artwork, in the Artwork Page you will see more artworks from the same artist, titled "More for this artist...", and also recommendations based on our tagging system of other paintings, illustrations under "You may also like...".

Curate your "Hearts"

Your Profile Page * shows your "Hearts" i.e. your collection of favourites. You can Heart an artwork (add it to your favourites appearing in your Profile Page) by clicking on the little heart icon appearing next to it:

* To visit your Profile Page click on your name card on the top right:

Send e-Cards

Every artwork you encounter can be sent as a beautiful e-card! Click on the artwork to visit its Artwork Page and click "Send it as an e-Card" on the sidebar. The e-card form will pop-up and all you will need is your friend's e-mail adress! Your friend will then receive an e-mail like this:


At USEUM we are building the World's Museum of Art and there is a wide range of ways you can become a contributor! For all your contribution you gain Points that unlock more priviledges for you. For more details read What do I gain with points?

You can contribute by:

  • Rating artworks (+1 point)
    Rating is very imporant to USEUM because it is one of the criteria that helps USEUM bring to the spotlight beautiful paintings and emerging artists.
  • Tagging artworks (+5 points)
    Tagging is USEUM's main tool for the description of all artworks and for their categorisation, therefore it is of utmost importance.
  • Adding more artworks to the exhibition (+25 points)
    Once you become a Junior Contributor you can start adding more artworks! Read: How can I add Paintings?