For Contributing Authors: How can I become one?

Writing Opportunities

On USEUM there are various opportunities for copywriting and content creation, offering the chance for you to do that in various ways, according to your preferences and skillset:

  • As a blog post author: Writing a small text up to 1000 words about a painting, an artist, an art event, an art related occasion.
  • As a USEUM Contributor: Writing short captions for old masters’ paintings already exhibited on USEUM. Adding new old-masters’ paintings to our collection, writing and signing your own captions for them.
  • As an Exhibition Manager: Creating your own art exhibition by choosing the paintings & writing an introductory text
  • As an Art Historian: Writing well-researched, academic type of articles for "USEUM Subjects". This is a new feature that will introduce textual educational content on our platform, while categorising USEUM's vast art collection, making browsing easier, more entertaining as well as more informative. In addition to that, USEUM Subjects will allow relating different paintings, painters and art movements to each other, placing them in the cultural spectrum of world art history. 


The terms on which you can become a Contributing Author are the following:

  • Authoring contributions are voluntary (i.e. not paid).
  • We will do our best to assist you, sending you comments and suggestions on your work, but your contribution will depend totally on your own personal efforts.
  • You always retain full ownership of your work, which will have to be signed by you.
  • We retain the right not to publish your work if it doesn’t meet our standards, but it is our obligation to give to you the reasons for such a decision.
  • You do not have to follow any deadlines whatsoever nor will you be asked to deliver a specific amount of work. Your contribution will depend solely upon your availability and will.

How to become a Contributing Author

If you would like to contribute your text, please read the General Guidelines for Contributing Authors and then send us your text at along with the link to your profile on USEUM. We will then get in touch with you to publish your text.