For Artists: Gallery Events in London FAQ

Currently no new exhibitions have been planned. To view past exhibitions visit Gallery Events in London. To receive announcements about future exhibitions we will organise, please sign up as an Artist, or as an Artist Representative.


In partnership with Le Dame Gallery USEUM organises Gallery Events in London. Please find below answers to F.A.Q. regarding artists' participation.

Are there any fees for applying to exhibit my artwork?


What are the requirements for applying?

  • The artwork must be available for sale
  • The artwork must not be taller than 1 meter (framed). There are no limitations regarding width.
  • In the case the artwork is selected to be exhibited:
    • The artist should cover the insurance and shipping costs for sending the artwork to the gallery and for sending it back to the artist's studio if the artwork has not been sold after the end of the exhibition (1 month later).
    • The artist should arrange with the shipping company for the artwork to arrive to the gallery on a specific date.
    • The artwork must be shipped in a form in which it is ready to be hung (e.g. rolled up canvases cannot be exhibited).
  • In the case the artwork is sold:
    • The artist must provive a Certificate of Authenticity and Legitimate Ownership. In regards to digital paintings, the artist must instead provide a Certificate of Uniqueness, Authenticity and Legitimate Ownership.
    • The artist must provide an invoice for the money he or she received.

How can I participate?

If you meet the requirements please upload your artwork on your Portfolio, stating in the caption its size and material, and send the link(s) of the artwork(s) you would like to participate with to 

Should I take down from my Portfolio any artworks that are already sold?

No, keep all your artworks on your portfolio. We will only take into consideration for the exhibition the artwork(s) that you send to us (see previous question).

How much does the artist earn when the artwork is sold?

The artist earns 60% of the sale.

Who names the price?

The artist.

How long does the exhibition last?

The exhibition lasts for 1 month. The Gallery Event i.e. the opening of the exhibition, takes place at 18.30 in the evening with wine catering at Le Dame Gallery's exhibition space at Melia White House 4-Star Hotel in Regent's Park. The next day the exhibition is moved to one of the public spaces of the glamorous hotel where it will stay for 1 month. Considering the thousands of high net worth people who go through the hotel every week this will give an even greater exposure to your art.

Can I Generate more Sales to my USEUM Shop by exhibiting to the Gallery Event?

Yes! In the label of your artwork there will be a QR Code directing buyers to your USEUM Shop to buy your artwork as a print, framed print or other merchandise you may have created. This way you can create sales for lovers of your art who cannot afford to buy the original artwork!

Can I Participate with Digital Paintings?

Yes you can participate with a limited-edition (less than 50) fine art print of your digital painting, which is numbered and signed by the artist.

Can I Participate with Lithographs?

Yes you can participate with limited-edition (less than 50) fine art lithographic prints.

How can I create a Certificate of Authenticity?

If you have not created a Certificate of Authenticity before, you can find some guidelines here.