Organising Art Online: New Menu just Launched! - USEUM
23 August 2016

Organising Art Online: New Menu just Launched!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new menu, which structures and organises the wealth of visual and educational content available on the platform!

Since the very begining, USEUM, the first ever crowd-sourced art museum aiming to democratise art, has grown to exhibit a vast collection of 80,000 paintings as well as an educational Art History knowledge-base of more than 20,000 words. It has also offered features such as the e-cards, which has proven very popular with people sending thousands of e-cards to their friends, as well as the USEUM Shop, a universal e-shop for paintings and illustrations that brings art in our daily lives.

All the content and the features developed on USEUM, today becomes easier to use and enjoy than ever! With the new menu of USEUM, visitors of the virtual museum can:

  • Read essays and learn “What is impressionism”, or the “History” of it and of all the popular art movements in the History of Art in simple language. USEUM’s educational content even features essays explaining popular Painting Techniques such as Chiaroscuro always in simple terms!
  • View thematic collections such as In Love, Flowers, Art Studio, In Conversation and many more!
  • Browse countless categories of e-Cards and send them to your friends faster straight from the listing of the artworks, without visiting the artwork page.
  • Shop by product type, by art movement and by thematic collection to find the best way to bring art in your daily routine!

These are only some of the things the new menu of USEUM provides with many more scheduled to be added soon! So why don’t you try it out for your self?