USEUM Exhibition opening (Photos) - USEUM
13 October 2015

USEUM Exhibition opening (Photos)

Few days ago, on the 6th of October 2015, we celebrated the opening of USEUM’s first ever exhibition in collaboration with Le Dame Art Gallery at Melia White House in London! The evening was a great success, full of art in the form of 23 beautiful paintings from 16 countries from 4 continents around the world. Music by professional pianist Fabio Tedde and award-winning wine by Domain Spiropoulos made the evening even more special.

The founder of USEUM Foteini Valeonti, along with co-founders Dimitra Valeonti, Georgios Tritos, Eftychios Valeontis, and the rest of the USEUM team we were all there and we were very happy to see our guests included USEUM artists Jane Lewis, Eugen Varzic, Katrine Storebø, Melinda Mátyás and Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz. We were grateful that they joined the festivities and enjoyed the conversations with the fully engaged audience that came to celebrate the inaugural USEUM Exhibition.

The first USEUM Exhibition will be on display for all Londoners until the 7th of November at Melia White House in Regent’s Park. All the artworks exhibited along with their interpretation and biography of the artist are available on the USEUM Exhibition on-line.

Special thanks to Dora Pavlidou, Keisha Kamaris, Jesse Voetman, Katerina Karampini, Sydney Amahoak. 

Photos by Loukas Dimitropoulos



Theopi Scarlatos, Foteini Valeonti
Fabio Tedde on the left, Cristina Cellini Antonini head of Le Dame Art Gallery on the right
Cristina Cellini Antonini head of Le Dame Art Gallery
Eugen Varzic
Dimitra Valeonti, Jane Lewis, Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz
Melinda Mátyás on the right

Jesse Voetman, Foteini Valeonti, Cristina Cellini Antonini

Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz, Jesse Voetman, Foteini Valeonti
Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz on the left
Founder of USEUM Foteini Valeonti
Katerina Karampini, Jesse Voetman
Dimitra Valeonti, Katrine Storebø
Georgios Tritos on the left
Eftychios Valeontis with his wife Despina Drakaki and his newborn son, along with Foteini Valeonti and Dimitra Valeonti