7 January 2017

The Art of Vita Di Milano

Vita Di Milano is a highly gifted artist, whose artistic skills are indisputable in all regards; be it technically, thematically, or conceptually (with his references to social criticism, or the use of irony, and also with symbolic ones).

Vita Di Milano's works charmingly "revisit" and "interact" with classical paintings, Renaissance masterpieces in particular, making of those century-old works, poignant contemporary paintings.

Some of his must-see artworks are The Fraudulent Lunch, The rights of nature, Wave after waveThe Blossom, In Absentia, The Original Scene, Against the wind, as well as his still life paintings with their mesmerising metaphysical elements.


"While Vita's detailed and bluntly-honest figurative paintings may recall a narrative common to classic art, the intent imbedded in each of his works far exceeds what could be mistaken as an exercise in technique."

Vita di Milano on USEUM



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