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States of Mind II: Those Who GoStates of Mind II: Those Who Go
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States of Mind II: Those Who Go

painting by Umberto Boccioni (Museum: Museum of Modern Art)

Oil on canvas, 27 7/8 x 37 3/4" (70.8 x 95.9 cm)

The Museum of Modern Art
Gift of Nelson A. Rockefeller

Gallery label (2006):
Set in a train station, this series of three paintings explores the psychological dimension of modern life's transitory nature. In The Farewells, Boccioni captures chaotic movement and the fusion of people swept away in waves as the train's steam bellows into the sky. Oblique lines hint at departure in Those Who Go, in which Boccioni said he sought to express "loneliness, anguish, and dazed confusion." In Those Who Stay, vertical lines convey the weight of sadness carried by those left behind.
The Museum of Modern Art
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