Seaport by MoonlightSeaport by Moonlight
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  • ~*Happy Happy Birthday, dear WallyDad! *~

    I hope you like this photo... ;) Gordon mentioned to me a long time ago that you like old ships...and though I don't know any more than that, like any details, this scene struck me as lovely...

    Wally, we both hope you have an especially beautiful day, today... So wish we could both be with you, take you out for a lovely lunch and dinner and celebrate properly! With a great cake too! We think of you every single day, and send all our love across the miles...

    Gordon told me he forgot to mention to you, when he called you last weekend, how much we loved receiving those photos you sent! Thank you so much! ;D ;D ;D Seeing the one of he and I from 24 years ago was quite something...hard to remember my teeth were ever that white! ;D

    Happy Happy Birthday again... We love you so much!

    Love, Susan & Gordon

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