Saint George and the Dragon  1555

by Tintoretto

Saint George is shown about to defeat the dragon, by the edge of the sea. The treatment of the subject is unusual: the figure of the fleeing princess is dominant, and in the centre lies a corpse which the dragon was about to eat. Read more... [The National Gallery, London]
158.3 x 100.5 cm
Oil on canvas
This photographic reproduction is in the public domain (Wikimedia Commons)



  1. love this as the dragon looks like a dragon not some metaphor for the state of the world or total incarnation of evil wrapped up in this fire breathing monster..Although that sounds good ..and i like the way the princess is on her toes well before the outcome ..She could still be dragon food ..but shes not hanging around to find out who ? Can the person on the roof put that light out ..(only a joke) ..i already know its my wife going to the toilet at 3.30 in the morning..