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Le Pianoquarium  2012

by Cyril Rolando

To feel the musing, listen to LOUD Music,
Resound with many deafening colours, A firework ricochets off your sounds, Flood your soul, splash all your walls, Bathe your eyes and suffuse your ears, Skim your poetries to bounce your wild ideas, Let the light strikes your sensitive cord, To feel the musing, listen to LOUD music.
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Cyril RolandoArtist (France)
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Dimitra ValeontiConservator (128K)
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  1. Un plaisir d`inspiration, Cyril La mer, la terre et le ciel....
  2. χαρμα οφθαλμων
  3. The atmosphere in this composition is so delightful. Doubtless one of my favorite exhibits on USEUM.