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Jane FondaJane Fonda
9.38 (16)

Jane Fonda

Oil, 38 x 18"

"I think it was in 1966 I was having a show at the Wickersham Gallery, on Madison Avenue in NYC. Her father, Henry Fonda, lived around the corner and came to the gallery a few times. He was also an amateur painter, and asked if he could show me his work. I met Jane and said I would like to paint her portrait. She agreed to sit, but said she could only give me two or three sittings, since she was leaving in a week to go to Paris to do a movie called "Barbarella. " We chatted while she posed, and in the end she gave me five sittings, and left the next day. For me that meant a rather quick sketch, concentrating mostly on the face." Ted Seth Jacobs
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