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Shark NV360 Review - Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum

Shark NV360 is a highly consumer-rated vacuum cleaner at its price range.

Do you want to discover the reasons?

Generally, it features the following functions and technologies: strong suction power, rinsable filters, lift-away feature, swivel steering, and brush roll on/off controls. If you want to learn these things in details, please take a look at the information in my shark nv360 review below:

Product specs

Type: upright vacuum

Best for: carpet and bare floor

Bagged or bagless: bagless

Weight: 16 lbs

Pet hai accessories: yes

Motor-driven brushbar: yes

HEPA filtration: yes

Power cord length: 25ft

Warranty: 5 years

Pros and cons



Easy to clean and rinse in the water


Vacuums both carpet and floor


A bit hard to push on deep pile carpet

Short hose

Pretty heavy

The features of the Shark NV360 vacuum cleaner

This bagless vacuum cleaner comes with 2 pre-motor filters and one post-motor filter. All of them are rinsable, so you don’t have to spend a specific amount of money buying bags.

Where are 2 pre-motor filters?

After removing the dust canister, you can find out a felt filter and a foam filter below.

How to clean these filters?

You can rinse them in a mixture of cold and warm water and wash until you see the excess water is not dark and dirty. Remember to air dry it within 24 hours even more. After drying, please put them back in the machine. If you maintain your model correctly, you can clean these pre-motor filters every three months. 

Another is the post-motor HEPA filter placed in the back of the grill on the machine’s lower front. Before performing a deep clean, remember to get rid of loose debris inside the dust bin by tapping gently. After that, you rinse it in a combination of cold and lukewarm water. Let this filter dry completely before putting it back in the cleaner. In the right conditions of maintenance, it’s best to clean your post-motor filter every 2 years.

This type of vacuum cleaner has the Anti-allergen complete seal technology that helps you keep all dirt and dust inside without escaping from any crack or poor seal. It is because the air exhausted from the machine has been run through all filters.

Combining the HEPA filtration and the anti-allergen complete seal technology creates a good filtration system, suiting users who are suffering from allergies or asthma.

Lift-away technology

This is the outstanding feature of Shark navigator nv360, winning other uprights from other brands. It allows you to detach the dust canister from the main part of the vacuum cleaner. So, you are able to carry this part with a hand while you use another hand for holding a hose, wand, or any tool.

This smart design helps clean and vacuum your stairs and reach below your pieces of furniture.

It is effortless to use this lift-away feature. What you have to do is to press the wand and handle releasing buttons to release these parts. Then, let you press a button near the dust canister to lift the whole model up. 

A small drawback of this technology is that the power cord still tethers the dust canister and the whole machine. But, don’t be worried about it because this won’t badly influence performance. After using this feature, you can assemble them easily and quickly.

For some users, this technology gives them a hard time to reach under low furniture.

Swivel steering

The swivel steering allows you to maneuver this shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 around your furniture and any obstacle easily. You can straightforwardly change direction because the narrow cleaner head turns at the twist of your wrist. Although it’s a piece of cake to get into tight and cramped areas, this narrow cleaner head requires you to take many passes to clean on larger open places.

Brush roll on/off

Though the brush roll on/off feature is handy to work on both floors and carpets, remember to turn off it when you use an accessory, such as a hose or a wand, and use the lift-away feature.

1. Choose the setting “II” to turn the brush roll on.

2. Choose the setting “I” to turn the brush roll off.

3. Choose the setting “O” to turn the vacuum power off.

Dust canister

Although this dust canister comes with a capacity of three dry quarts, it’s better to empty your canister when it reaches 1.2 dry quarts for maintaining good performance. 

It can’t be denied that this model requires you to empty a bit regularly; it’s straightforward to perform this task. When pressing the bottom door release button, almost all dust and dirt will fall out. Sometimes, some of them can get stuck, which requires you to reach in and pull them out.

What will you get when buying this model?

A pet power brush can help you pick up pet hair and dirt on stairs and upholstery.

A dusting brush works well for getting rid of dust and debris from blinds, furniture, and shelves.

A 5.5-inch crevice tool helps you reach tight areas and corners for cleaning and vacuuming.

A long wand can reach under the appliance as well as your furniture.


This navigator lift away dlx vacuum cleaner’s overall weight is about 16 lbs on average for an upright vacuum. It is not too lightweight to lose the balance or too heavy to move around.

No height controls

Though it’s sufficient to use this shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 upright vacuum on both floor and carpet, it’s effortless to move on low pile carpet and smooth flooring while it’s a bit hard to push on a deep pile carpet. 


This machine isn’t designed with height controls to lift the vacuum nozzle up and down to move on a deep carpet easier. 

What information do you have on the vacuum cleaner manual?

The shark navigator lift away deluxe bagless upright vacuum’s manual provides you with the following information:

Instructions on how to use the machine in upright mode and lift-away mode

Instructions on above-floor cleaning

A description of all pieces and parts of the vacuum cleaner

Storage and maintenance information

Safety instructions

Troubleshooting tips

Warranty information

My article is one of the best Shark navigator lift away deluxe reviews- because I provide you with enough essential information about Shark NV360 Reviews .

After reading, how do you think about this product? Can this model meet your requirements? Please leave your answer below; I will answer all of them soon.
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