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****** Work closely with the USEUM Team
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  • Top Rater

    Rate 50 artworks to earn the Top Rater badge!
  • Top Collector

    Add 50 artworks to your ❤ Hearts to earn the Top Collector badge!
  • Top Tagger

    The Top Tagger badge is awarded to the top 3 contributors who have tagged the most artworks with a certain tag. It can be any tag.
  • Top Contributor

    The Top Contributor badge is awarded to the member who has contributed the highest number of artworks for a certain artist, collection or museum.

How to Contribute


Contribute to the curation of the “Trending” collection and also the search results on USEUM by rating artworks according to your liking.
For every rating you earn 1 point


Change the tags of artworks so that it describes the artwork best! You can remove tags or add new ones. Tagging improves vastly USEUM’s Search & Recommentation mechanisms.
For every artwork you improve its tags you earn 5 points


Expand USEUM’s exhibition by adding new artworks! Contribute paintings from USEUM’s artists or from the resources indicated in the “Add Artwork” process.
For every contributed artwork you earn 20 points


Please let us know of any questions you may have, or of ways we can make USEUM a better platform!
We will get back to you ASAP