Yelena Revis

Artist (Australia)
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I'm a professional artist working from my studio in Sydney. I create colourful, whimsical, abstract paintings. I’ve been painting and drawing since my early childhood. Painting became my everyday practice, my source of energy, my dialogue with the world, my research of my own inner world. My inspirations come from everyday life, an assortment of animals, nature, people and places. I am inspired by colour, shapes and movement. I love experimenting with mixed mediums, oils, acrylics, charcoal and inks to create different styles and textures. My paintings are inspired by memory, meditation, music and the culture and essence of Australian nature. Nature is a constant inspiration in my work. I have always loved movement and colour – particularly the interplay of colour in nature – I strive to bring these qualities to my work for an affect which is very alive, yet also calming.Throughout my career, I’ve accumulated a vast repertoire of artistic techniques that have allowed me to better illustrate my intentions as an artist. My aim is to create unforgettable works and impart a deep emotional connection between objects and human beings whenever I begin a new piece. As a result, most of my work conveys the synthesis between Eastern and Western art, the figurative and the abstract, and the real and imaginary. What drives my art practice is an openness to possibilities, and a willingness to take on new challenges and engage creatively as often and in as many ways as I can.

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