Arrnica Dayannandan

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I have been working in the field of business and technology for the last 12 years. My core skills are in the areas of business and technology analysis, solution design, business development, pre-sales, sales and marketing.

I chanced upon the field of art due to my mother-in-law who has made a name for herself in the world of art over the last 65 years. She brought me many different art supplies and raw materials after I married my husband and was sitting at home awaiting my green card and employment authorization card.

I surprised myself with whatever little art I started out with. Thereafter, I got another chance to sit at home for 5 months, when I was pregnant with my daughter. And I felt great fulfilment not only in creating art but also with the end results.

The peace I felt creating artworks during my pregnancy, very much reflects in the peaceful personality of my beautiful and adorable daughter.

I like that art lets me make mistakes, learn, grow and expand as a person. As such I find it to be a very humbling, organic and evolutionary experience. I slowly unfold and discover aspects of my personality that even I wasn't aware of, before engaging and indulging in the world of art. In that light, the world of art, and dabbling in it, feels very intellectually stimulating and creatively satisfying :)

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