Central Naval Museum

Museum (Russia)
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The Central Naval Museum - one of the oldest museums in Russia and one of the largest maritime museums in the world. The museum originates from the St. Petersburg Model Chamber - shipbuilding storage models and drawings. The date when the Saint-Petersburg Model Chamber was first mentioned in records is considered its birthday. It was on January 24, 1709 when Peter I, who at the time was with his army in the Ukraine, sent instructions to A.V. Kikin, reading : “Take the Model Chamber out of my house and place it by the shipyard, wherever a proper place is available …”. The Model Chamber was locate in the Main Admiralty, where to build ships of the Baltic Fleet.
In 1805 was created "Maritime Museum", which became the basis for the collection of the Model Chamber. By the end of the XIX century, Maritime Museum has become a significant Russian cultural and scientific center, became known throughout the world. [source]