What is Tagging?

The Importance

Tagging is one of the most essential tools for documenting and curating the USEUM Exhibition. It is a deciding factor regarding which artworks appear in the Search Results and in the Artwork Recomendations (at the bottom of every artwork page). Therefore many amazing paintings will hardly ever be reached because they have do not have any tags.

What tags shall I use?

Tagging answers to the following types of descriptive questions according to your personal perception. Not all types of questions have to be answered:

  • What is depicted in the painting? (e.g. woman, landscape, John Lennon, horses)
  • What is the theme/subject of the painting? (e.g. Motherhood, friendship, Ambition, Success, Memories, Birthday)
  • What is the technique? (e.g. Abstract, realism, figurative, surreal)
  • What is/are the main colour/s?
  • What is the medium/ materials? (e.g. oil painting, Poster, Digital painting, Illustration)
  • What emotions are depicted? (e.g. anger, love, happiness)

Some technical things you should know about tagging:

  • You can add your own custom tags, or use some of the tags that have already been used by other users to describe the specific artwork. If the artwork has already been tagged by another user, those will appear in the form of cloud right under the "Add a tag" field. Before you start adding your own tags, select from this cloud the tags that you agree with, by clicking on them:

  • Type slowly and please try to choose a tag from the list of suggested tags that appear while typing a tag.
  • The suggested tags in those autofill lists may be edited (in order to correct spelling mistakes), merged or deleted in order to improve tagging, so if you spot any mistakes, or you want to suggest any optimisations please let us know at contribute@useum.org
  • Please do not use the country of origin of a painting as a tag unless the country itself is depicted in the specific painting.
  • Don't forget to hit "Save Changes" when you are done!

Last but not least, you should only tag artworks you like and want to promote! :-)