Shop Printing Help: Black Graphic on Black Garment

USEUM Shop is using Direct To Garment technology to provide high quality and long-lasting prints on garments. This technique however requires special treatement, when a black graphic is printed on a black garment.

If you want to enable the Black colour on a t-shirt, or hoodie, that you are selling and your graphic has extended areas of black, or large areas of black near the edges of the print (where the colour of the print and the colour of the garment will appear side-by-side), then please bare in mind that these areas will take a share of a matte dark grey colour, when printed, due to the white under-base and so there is a chance they will not blend well with the garment.

For best results we advise that you follow the steps below:

  1. Create a product with your graphic as is and enable all colours you like except from black.
  2. Copy the image file of your graphic.
  3. Using an image editing tool, remove the black areas, i.e. make them trasnparent.
  4. Export the image as a PNG, because this format supports transparency and it is also the recommended image format for our printers.
  5. On USEUM add a new product, e.g. t-shirt, or hoodie.
  6. In the second step of the product creation process, enable only the Black colour.
  7. In the Design step, upload the graphic you created, in which the black areas are transparent.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please get in touch.