The Infinite Museum Store



Take Advantage of your Digitised Collection


The Infinite Museum Store enables all museums & galleries, big and small, to take advantage of cutting-edge Print-on-Demand technology. Generate a revenue for your venue and offer unprecedented flexibility to your visitors, whilst gaining insights on how people interact with your exhibition. 



How does it work?

Step 1

Museum visitors choose their favourite artwork from the collection.

Step 2

Users select the product of preference that they would like to order.

Step 3

The bespoke products are printed & shipped to them directly.


Benefits for Museums & Galleries

Unprecedented flexibility.
Enable your visitors to order bespoke products for all of your artworks.
A new revenue stream.
Start selling and earn 10% of the total value of each order, with zero upfront investment.
Orders online & in situ.
The product will be delivered at the customer's address.
Hassle free service.
We take complete care of all orders from printing and packaging to shipping.

Make the Most of your Digitisation


To find out how we can help your institution make the most of its digitised collection, please contact us at to arrange a call, where we can answer all your questions and explain all details.


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