Did you know that Picasso’s abstract depiction of five Barcelona prostitutes was deemed immoral when it debuted at the artist’s studio in 1907?

3 October 2016

Interesting models

Another famous painting with interesting models is Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

3 October 2016

The Scream

The Scream 'an icon of modern art ... a Mona Lisa for our time' according to Arthur Lubow.

Claude Monet had been suffering from cataracts since 1912. After the operations which cured his cataracts, he was so excited!

While some claim that Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting is a self-portrait of the artist in drag...

4 September 2016

Art Quote: At the Louvre

There is only one thing more impressive than the grandiose paintings at the Louvre...

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24 June 2016

Art Meme: Isabella

He's got that Friday state of mind...