We are delighted to announce that the USEUM exhibition in collaboration with World Child Chancer will be extended until the 7th of January, marking the end of the holiday season! So go ahead and place your orders :)

7 December 2015

A good deed for Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner and you have one last opportunity to treat yourself, or that special one, with a gift that wouldn't resemble any other!

One of the key-words describing USEUM’s collection is diversity. Artists from over 100 countries continue to participate in sharing their artworks with art lovers and professionals worldwide. USEUM connects graphic designers from the United States to painters from Kenya to illustrators from the Philippines, and it is wonderfully inspiring to see both the differences and similarities between artists from different countries. 

Dark, mysterious, curious; a great radiotelescope is waiting. But for what? This beautiful artwork by Armenian artist Levon Avagyan is open to many interpretations, including yours…

We were overwhelmed by the response we received for USEUM’s first online sale exhibition, in collaboration with Deutsche Bank charity of the year, World Child Cancer charity. Artists from the USEUM community showed incredible empathy for the charitable cause of the exhibition and their willingness to contribute was heart-warming.

1st ‪USEUM charity‬ exhibition launched yesterday with the sale of Katrine Storebø 's painting "The Paheli Girls" that was auctioned in the black-tie Ball of Deutsche Bank in support of World Child Cancer!

After a successful collaboration with Le Dame Art Gallery in London, USEUM has now set up an online charity exhibition and sale where visitors have the opportunity to buy original artworks directly from USEUM for the first time - all in support of Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year 2015, World Child Cancer!

We are proud to announce that we recently partnered with “World Child Cancer: No child should suffer”, which is sponsored by Deutsche Bank (that is notably active in the Art World) to organise an exhibition on-line, where for the first time visitors will be able to buy original artworks directly from USEUM.

Few days ago, on the 6th of October 2015, we celebrated the opening of USEUM’s first ever exhibition in collaboration with Le Dame Art Gallery at Melia White House in London. The evening was a great success, full of art in the form of 23 beautiful paintings from 16 countries from 4 continents around the world. Music by professional pianist Fabio Tedde and award-winning wine by Domain Spiropoulos made the evening even more special.

We are proud to have our exhibition featured on the Wall Street International’s Art section (link). Click here to find out what USEUM founder Foteini Valeonti has to say about the showcase and take a sneak peak at some of the artworks on display.