21 November 2015

On the brink...

This timeless still-life radiates tranquillity. Michele d’Avenia’s excellent interaction between light and shadow makes this artwork an absolute masterpiece!

19 November 2015

Flower necklace from Georgia

Georgian painter Teimuraz Kharabadze painted this gorgeous flower composition. Bold brushstrokes and warm colours make this artwork one of our favourites!

Dark, mysterious, curious; a great radiotelescope is waiting. But for what? This beautiful artwork by Armenian artist Levon Avagyan is open to many interpretations, including yours…

The soft colored Louis XVI style room, the elegant light pink evening gown and the classic pose add to the graceful result. Although the painting seems still and the pose conventional, the lady is actually moving while trying to fit one of her gloves, giving the impression that Lévy was there only to capture this moment.

Gustave Caillebotte (19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894): Putting things into bold perspectiveInspired by urban scenes in Paris of the late 19th century and the emerging art of photography, Caillebotte plays with bold perspective presented through unusual viewing angles. 

Can you believe that it wasn’t until 1827 that the first enslaved Africans were emancipated in New York City?

Ever since, Emancipation Day has been celebrated in many former British colonies for the abolition of all forms of servitude.

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