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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (29 August 1780 – 14 January 1867). His work "The Valpincon bather" follows all the basic principles of classicism; it is an example of pure contour, perfect body proportion, balance and synthetic harmony. 

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) is considered to be one of the greatest painters and etchers in the history of art, and he definitely is the most important from the Netherlands. He is the prevailing artist of what is called the Dutch Golden Age, alongside VermeerJacob van Ruisdael and Frans Hals. Rembrandt prevailed over the other artists of the Baroque movement, the prominent artistic style in Europe at the time, with his unique and simple style.

Through works that balance between New Objectivity and Surrealism Paul Bond invites the viewer to explore real-world settings amplified with fantastical elements that reveal the magic hidden in seemingly mundane situations.

4 August 2014

Intricate dreams

27 July 2014

Light by Mo Kelly

Mo Kelly is inspired by the feelings that emerge during everyday incidents, which she expresses through her works in a truly original way. At first glance the influence of Symbolism and Edvard Munch is evident in the way that the artist treats the environment that surrounds her figures.

Juliano Lopes creates works that combine a Renaissance perception and love for the human body with a contemporary approach to painting. The subject of his paintings is quotidian matter; casual moments in the everyday life of people are brought to our attention. A typical example is the series Feet & Books (2014) with people dressed in a rather retro style and reading books, an activity that, with the increasing use of eBooks, is becoming retro itself.

12 July 2014

Cole's Voyage of Life

Thomas Cole (1801-1848) is largely considered to be the founder of the Hudson River School. The Hudson River School is one of the first artistic movements that were developed in America after the War of Independence. It was an artistic fraternity focused on the American landscape and heavily influenced by romanticism.

Camille Pissarro, born on this day in 1830, was one of the most popular Impressionist painters and one of the first to depict the working classes and social issues of his time.

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