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29 September 2015

USEUM Exhibition

Le Dame Art Gallery and USEUM are delighted to announce that throughout October they will host the first exhibition witnessing the collaboration between the prestigious gallery and the rapidly growing online art platform. The aim of this synergy is to bring emerging talent in the areas of painting, drawing and illustration from the Internet to the heart of the art world in London.

Foteini Valeonti, coming from the Greek island of Samos, is the woman behind USEUM, the fast growing platform for art, that already exhibits 20,000 paintings by 2,300 artists coming from 100 countries around the world.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Le Dame Art Gallery operating between London (UK) and Capri (Italy). To celebrate our partnership we are hosting USEUM's first ever gallery event!

You know what life in startups is like… “All work and no play”. Luckily in our case it’s “all art and no play”. But there are some times that we really need to just take a break and share what we do, how we do it and, most of all, why we do it. In an interview with The Times, our CEO and founder, Foteini Valeonti, talked about what it is we aspire to do here at USEUM: when we look for [films], we go to IMDB. When we look for video, we go to YouTube.

19 January 2015

Click the Earth

You know sometimes when you meet someone for the first time you just "click"? Well, a click is all it takes to connect yourself with USEUM’s online art community. Click any country to connect with and contribute to artist’s profiles from each corner of the world… After all, the Earth without art is just "eh"...

Founder of USEUM.org - Foteini Valeonti featured on Greek TV channel ΣΚΑΪ - SKAI. Foteini is also a PhD student, exploring the concept of crowd-sourced art at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis.

USEUM is “The World’s Museum of Art” and its goal is to make art more accessible to the users of the Internet. As of today USEUM features thousands of artworks created by hundreds of artists from all around the world. USEUM’s collection spans from Old Masters, like 
5 June 2013

Thinking out Loud

(Photo: Thomas Robson (C) http://www.thomas-r.com)

Some thoughts on USEUM from Foteini’s personal blog: