Open Call: Add Paintings on USEUM

Help us build the World’s Museum of Art! So far we have grown to exhibit 30,000 paintings, drawings and illustrations by nearly 2,000 artists from 100 countries all around the world! Become a contributor and help us expand USEUM’s exhibition by adding your favourite paintings today!

A. Become a Junior Contributor

To add artworks on USEUM you must first become a Junior Contributor! In order to become one:

1. Sign up as an “Art Lover”, if you haven't done so already (Click here for all the things you can do as an Art Lover).

2. Collect 100 points to upgrade to Junior Contributor. As an Art Lover you can collect points by:

  • Rating artworks (+1 point)
    Rating is very imporant because it is one of the criteria that helps bring to the spotlight beautiful paintings and emerging artists.
  • Tagging artworks (+5 points)
    Tagging is the main tool for the description of all artworks and for their categorisation, therefore it is of utmost importance.
  • Inviting your Friends to join USEUM (+100 points)
    Spreading the word about USEUM is equally important as the more contributors on the platform the faster it grows.

Check also all the ways you can earn points and what privileges you earn with points.

B. Add your first Artwork

Once you become a Junior Contributor you immediatelly earn the priviledge to add paintings on USEUM. In the "Add Artwork" page you will be presented with the following options:

Using those buttons you can add paintings, drawings and illustrations in 3 ways:

  • "Upload Artwork"
    Use this button if you want to add a painting by uploading an image. 
  • "Artwork URL"
    Use this option if you have the direct URL adress (it must end in ".jpg" or ".png") of the image of the painting you want to add.
  • "Add to USEUM bookmarklet"
    Install this button on your browser and use it to fetch an image from another webpage.

Check How can I Add an Artwork? for a complete guide! 

In case you have any questions please get in touch at!