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Rodez is a visual artist who has created and exhibited graphic art and public works in several countries worldwide. He has published over 50 books for children and adults and he has been illustrator for magazines and newspapers in America and Europe. His work is recognized through publications and exhibitions and he has obtained several awards for this.
With the beginning of the century, he delved into Street art. After an arduous journeys through the streets of his hometown, Bogotá, he created his personal language. His interventions in murals have left a large footprint in Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, in public and private spaces.
As a visual artist, he makes continuous presence in exhibitions. His work has been extended in recent years to various areas of the contemporary graphics art, keeping evolving and reconstruction of his graphic language in body paint, urban interventions, designs for clothes, utilitarian objects, etc.
At present wheel by different countries but could say that it lives especially in Argentina and Colombia. In order to contact it you can write to him to