Fernando Artal

Artist (Spain)
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For me painting is a very, very vocational, some understand the vocation as a personal choice, in my case it was the painting that chose me, pulled me from the beginning, near my house had a gallery of art, a manager let us enter a little like me. I the awe produced such paintings, had an effect on me emulation, wanting to do something similar.

At age 14 as a student from the School of Applied Arts, and later did the Degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

I given seminars and lectures on "Semiotics of iconic arts" and "Beauty and its ethical implications ", at the Universities of Zaragoza , Complutense of Madrid and Santiago de Compostela.

All who painted a motivator and different aesthetic and ethical problems , no person is like another , so do not fit the same pictorial expressions. The arts are a projection of the author's ethical thought and of a generation. Could paint the unrest, provocation, the complaint critique of society, but without ignoring what happens , I prefer search Beauty as transfigured splendor of truth. And give each work, if possible, a space for reflection, stopping to think, see, look, give peace, serenity and if there contemplation of the beautiful produce joy.

Although paint with all procedures, some years given more priority to watercolor, but without abandoning other techniques, I think I do it for personal aesthetic needs . Is the transparency, intensity, brightness , delicacy , subtlety ... The transparency allows you to see everything you've done, the process , the opacity hidden faults.
This is the age of appearance and therefore opacity.

In this view the process, I use the language of the palimpsest, a virtual renaissance on a stand and used , ancient scrolls were originally, that famine and lack of resources was erased for rewriting the previous write up . Current techniques recovered early texts superimposed signs after two reports into one. But there's more , the whole creates a pleasant feeling harmonica.

I had similar situation in my art studies, there was no economic and many students repintábamos on previous works, and qualified . Most covered
white to repaint, I never did, painted directly onto the existing box, using some textures, colors and forms associated with later work.
It was, and is, in correspondence with other arts such as polyphony and contrapuntismo in music, which is the harmonious concordance of conflicting voices . Is the palimpsest .

Sharing my school teaching - like education - I intensified in recent years personal exposures in Granada, Seville, Madrid, Vigo and southern. I also works at the Museum" Quiñones de León" of Vigo and the Museum of Contemporary Art Baeza.