Cassidy Rae Limbach

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Originally from Akron, I live and work out of my downtown studio in Columbus, Ohio. I fell in love with the city after studying Fine Art at Columbus College of Art and Design. I am a surrealist illustrator working with pen,ink,graphite, and digital color.
My designs are hand drawn and render images of women, antlers, and bones. I enjoy the juxtaposition between nature and artificiality. Natural, floral elements and ornate patterning conflict with plastic, candy-colored mediums.
With a playful spread of illustration, all forms of life are represented. The animal forms take on lavish masks, warping and dotting the portraits into expressionistic splashes. The human forms pose and stare back toward the viewer surrounded by bits of encapsulating, definitive stories. I'm trying to create a dialog with he viewer.
Aside from my family and the nature that surrounds me, my work is inspired by the Pattern and Decoration movement the arose in the 1970's and early 80's. Running neck and neck with psychedelic illustration, this movement retained a certain flattening grid; this grid frequently employed highly complicated renderings with bright sheets of color and much attention to detail.